Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcome to the Treko page!

Star Trek Bingo started when I wanted to compile a list of all the Star Trek cliches I could find.  As a family we had just finished binge-watching Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation) and were starting Star Trek Voyager.

We thoroughly enjoy and admire the Star Trek series but we were also making fun of some of the situations that kept recurring.  We often found ourselves yelling "exploding console" when the Enterprise was under attack, or cheering whenever the word "interference" came up.

So I started researching Star Trek cliches.  Most of them were very specific to the original series -- although the classic death of a red shirt crew member still shows up -- so we started making our own list more suitable to TNG and Voyager.  We also realized the list could add some extra interest to our daily dose of our Star Trek TV show.

We put together a collection of bingo cards -- using the Star Trek cliches -- called them Treko, and use them while we watch episodes.  Since they were already created, we decided to share them, free of charge, with any other Trekkies out there.  We hope our fellow science fiction space fans will enjoy Treko -- our version of bingo for Star Trek!

Treko Star Trek Bingo Cards Set 01

Treko Star Trek Bingo Cards Set 02

Treko Star Trek Bingo Cards Set 03

Treko Star Trek Bingo Cards Set 04

Treko Start Trek Bingo Cards Set 05

Treko -- Star Trek Bingo -- is a fan-created game,
not to be used for profit.
All rights remain with the copyright and trademark
owners of any Star Trek entity.